Pipe Jacking

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Pipe Jacking

A specialist tunnelling method for the installation of underground pipelines where minimal surface disruption is required.

UUL’s powerful hydraulic jacks are used to drive concrete pipes through the ground while the spoil is excavated by workers or by mechanical means inside a jacking pit.

UUL has been providing pipe jacking services to the New Zealand market since 2018 specialising in the installation of carrier pipes for water, sewer, stormwater and wastewater.

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Pipe Jacking Process

Universal Underground has years of experience using the underground technique of pipe jacking to install pipelines, culverts and cuts. Powerful hydraulic jacks within the drive shaft are used to push the jacking pipe through the ground. A steel tunnelling shield at the head of the pipeline is used to provide support for the excavation process and to provide directional control for the pipejack.

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